Who we are

Norma Group is a group of companies that are leading the way in various business sectors. With a dynamic presence and a gradual expansion, it has achieved its corporate growth in line with all the requirements of business ethics.



So far, the sectors ,that the group is active, are:

Communication, promotion strategy and branding

Promotion & events organised

Sports support & planning stradegy

Photograpghy & Video editing

Wholesale trade

Export of agricultural products

Sales of agricultural machinery

Sales of cleaning machines (for municipalities, factories, etc.)

Other Services


Our vision and continuous effort is to become better and provide consistent quality, accuracy, reliability and professionalism to all our partnerships. We foster business autonomy and are constantly expanding our business sectors.

The ever-expanding growth of Norma Group has naturally identified itself with the notions of high professionalism and efficiency.

Our goals are out ethics:

First of all the quality . Our main priority is to offer products and services of high quality to always satisfy our customers.

We are searching for creative collaborations, as we know that the base of a healthy company is having good and effective partnerships, that promote its evolution and ensure its time resistance.

Finally, the professionalism. Our company tries to create a safe environment for its co-workers that is based in reliability, responsibility and loyalty to all its promises.

We could not forget to mention the loyalty and effort of our staff, for always achieving better and greater.

Norma Group embraces the business philosophy and aims , through good partnerships and investments, to further expanding its growth.